Jamie and school

Jamie’s Maths teacher once told him the only numbers he would make up was the numbers on the dole que. Of course times were very different back then but it is safe to say that maths was not Jamie’s strong point. Infact niether was english. He was once told he had no concept of the English language. 

Jamie now understand he actually has dyscalculia and dyslexia. This has never bothered him and he has always found ways around his issues. 

Joined the army with a strong career path, came out worked high level security, close protection and even worked in a bank for a while. Jamie’s true calling has always been entrepreneurship. Running a pet and garden centre for a few years before heading back into security. 

After Jamie fell ill he had to change his path dramatically. Changing a great job selling motorbike and heading into a call centre Jamie started to blog about his journey. This is now soon to be published in his new book and after the Charles Holland award Jamie launched a career in motivational speaking.  

As he always says, Not bad for a thick kid. 

Jamie runs two other companies as well as motivational speaking See No Bounds and The Squash Pod. Jamie is also very proud of his role as a business role model as part of Big Ideas Wales working  with young people who are looking to set themselves up in the world of business. 

Jamie was often bullied in his school years for being considered not very bright. A simple point of note, the school bully may have thier time in school but often the tables are turned once you leave that enviroment. They have had thier time, now it is your turn to shine. And shine you will.