By end of March 2014 Jamie was playing Wheelchair Basketball for Cardiff team. Cardiff Celts, Now Cardiff Archers. By the August Jamie was signed to play Wheelchair Rugby for Wales. 

Then Jamie found Hand-cycling. A Marathon, Carten100. Jamie was trying anything he could, later even found wheelchair Squash and has even progressed way beyond expectations.  Jamie has now retired from Welsh rugby to concentrate on other sports such as Wheelchair Basketball where he still plays for Cardiff Met Archers in the 2nd division of the national league.

Jamie has hung up his Hand-cycle for the time being but his intention is to attempt the Carten100 once again only this time on two wheels so keep an eye on this space.

3 3, Jamie McAnsh
9 1 1, Jamie McAnsh

Jamie has taken squash to new levels, starting in a wheelchair; Jamie then started to play on crutches as his balance was improving, as always for Jamie that was simply not enough, and he has gone onto compete in the Welsh Open Master in December 2018, the Slovenian open masters in April 2019. Jamie is back on home ground again in December 2019 playing once again in the Welsh open Masters.

Jamie still stands as the only registered player with a lower limb impertinent. Jamie has always been honest with himself whenever he attempts anything. There are two chances. Failure is always an option, but not trying is simply not acceptable. 


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