Jamie McAnsh is a renowned motivational speaker who has been inspiring audiences across the UK since waking up paralyzed in 2014. Despite facing many challenges, Jamie has not only overcome them but also become a successful entrepreneur, owning several thriving businesses.

In addition to his business ventures, Jamie is also an accomplished mountaineer who has conquered Mount Everest, demonstrating his incredible determination and resilience. He uses his experiences and triumphs to motivate people from all walks of life to pursue their dreams, overcome their obstacles, and live their best lives.

Jamie’s inspiring journey has earned him widespread recognition, including a TEDx keynote where he shared his story with millions of viewers worldwide. His powerful message has touched the hearts of many and helped countless individuals to push past their limitations and achieve their goals.

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corporate and team-building days.

Jamie is an experienced and knowledgeable speaker who talks about a variety of topics at corporate and team-building days, including diversity and inclusion, anxiety and depression, goal-setting, overcoming adversity, the power of teamwork, adapting to change, and positive thinking and well-being. He is passionate about helping people to understand these topics, and how they can be applied to their own lives as well as to their professional lives.

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schools and learning organisations

Jamie speaks to children and young adults at schools and learning organisations about adapting and growing resilience in order to help them understand that they have the power to make positive changes in their lives. He covers topics such as mental health, the route to success, diversity and inclusion, anxiety and depression, goal-setting and overcoming adversity to help them realise that no matter what life throws at them they always have the capability to get back up and make their mark on the world.

Sports teams.

Jamie is an experienced professional sportsperson who provides valuable insights to teams and players on the importance of discipline, teamwork, mental health, communication and overcoming adversity. His knowledge and experience of the challenges of sports help equip athletes to achieve great things, even when it may seem impossible.

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After dinner – Keynote speaker

Jamie is an experienced after dinner keynote speaker who works hard to engage and encourage his audience. He shares his very personal journey of challenge, adversity, depression and even surviving suicide, with a simple but powerful message – that in the face of adversity, the greatest things are possible. His inspiring story reminds us that sometimes all it takes to save a life is a friendly ear.


His powerful message has touched the hearts of many and helped countless individuals to push past their limitations and achieve their goals.

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