Jamie McAnsh loves working with, and inspiring young people. He has achieved a great deal in his life. His aim has always been to show the world that life is more than a physical approach but also a mindset. When Jamie first fell ill, back in 2014 he could never have dreamed where his path would lead him. 

In 2015 after he set his Challenge 2015 goals, Jamie formed a love for showing others what is possible, showing young people that when you look outside the box there is a world of opportunities available to you.

Jamie also enjoyed making use of his challenges. Along with his following team he managed to raise awareness for his condition and a staggering £250,000 for a range of local charities.

This got Jamie a nomination for the prestigious Charles Holland Award in 20. Although all the way through the process Jamie remained humbled by the fact that he would not win but would appreciate the recognition for his efforts and use the opportunity to raise awareness for CRPS.

Jamie has since won Greatest achievement awards for his charity work, positive attitude awards for his approach to networking and building a community, and many other smaller awards for the many challenges he has achieved. 

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