Adventure and challenges

In January 2015 Jamie realised that his life was never going to be the same, He concluded that even if he woke up perfectly able bodied he would never be the man who went to bed on the 6th January 2014.

After holding a small funeral for his able boddied verstion of himself Jamie decided he needed to fine out who he now was and what he was ne capable of. Challenge 2015 was born. 12 challenges one every month for twelve months. 

The Challenges

January – WCMX: Jamie took a chair built for Tesco’s cut the back end off, fitted suspension and took himself off to a skate park. 

February – Hand-cycle Marathon: Jamie every year takes part in a challenge for TSSAware in memory of a dear young lady taken way to young from Toxic Shock Syndrome. This time Jamie hand-cycled From Cwmbran to Chepstow. 26 miles in terrible wet and  rainy conditions.

March – Clay Pigeon Shooting: Jamie has used a gun before both in the arm and on a shotgun range, but never in a chair. 

April – Down Hill Rough Riding: Yep you guessed it. In a wheelchair purpose built for the down hill circuit and hitting speeds of 40+MPH through the woods.

May – Carten100: Back in a hand-cycle only this time 100 miles from Cardiff to Tenby.  13 hour of gruelling road cycling using only hand power.

June – WAAT4: 30k adventure over the Brecon Beacons. Jamie did this in a wheelchair, the first to achieve and currently the only person to attempt this challenge in a self propelled wheelchair.

July – Rowing Down The River Wye: somewhat easier challenge to his last few but still very taxing with limited core control.

August – Surfing: Being in the sea is one thing, getting there is another. With some great support Jamie was soon in the waves and loving the open water. He even hit a few waves along the way.

September – Zip Line: Something ticked off Jamie’s Bucket list. The challenge was getting into the sling, but with some upper body strength and ingenuity no challenge is to big.

October – Motorcycling: After years of being a biker, this seemed a thing of the past. However, with an adapted bike, open track and a great team. Jamie was soon up and hitting the bends at great speeds.

November – Getting On A Aeroplane: Now easy challenge in a wheelchair, Jamie had been dreading it from the word go. However, with a bit of trust in those around him it was soon achieved.

 December – Christmas Market: Definitely the most dangerous. Hit with several bags, poked with umbrellas, sat on and bumped into more time than could keep count. There was a little corner where Jamie sneaked a mulled wine so not so bad. 

The Message

Every challenge came with its massive up’s and horrendous down’s. However Jamie learned valuable lessons about his abilities and vulnerabilities. Jamie also learned that at time we all fail. That is a fact of life. We all fall over from time to time. This is also a fact of life. 

Support Jamie on his climb to Mount Everest

The challenge of Mount Everest base camp is going to be a real test on Jamie’s mental and physical state. Completing the full walk on Crutches the challenge will be a test of upper body endurance. Once completed Jamie will join a very short list of disabled climbers to reach Base Camp and as far as we can tell he will be the first CRPS Sufferer ever to achieve this amazing feat.

For Jamie Everest is a dream, Base Camp is a childhood ambition and now with your help he has the chance to achieve something that 5 years ago was thought of as impossible.

Jamie was once asked by a physio during his journey to learn how to walk. “What is your ultimate goal? Jamie replied “Base Camp Mount Everest” Facing continual pain and spasms Jamie’s journey was not easy. At 33 years old and having to learn the basics of balance and movement he put in everything he had.

For hours he would stand next to a wall and move one side step at a time. Determination was his driving force and 5 years on he has travelled along way.

Far from better

Still very much a wheelchair user. Jamie can walk with the use of Smartcrutches. Jamie knows that he can complete this challenge, but he cant do it alone. He needs your help. Kit, travel, food and expenses Jamie needs to raise £6000. This will cover the costs for himself and his partner and carer Charlott to reach Base Camp and back home safe.

As well as personal sponsorship. Jamie and Charlott are looking for company funding to help not only fund the excursion, but also raise awareness for a condition that leaves the sufferer in continual pain with very little relief. Most people have never even heard of CRPS but for Jamie it is very real and Charlott supports him every step of the way.

So please help in any way you can! Visit Jamie’s website at or find him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We appreciate your support and any assistance you can offer.

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