A motivational talk in the eye of the storm

P&O Ventura

From La Corona in Spain to Bermuda

A motivational talk on P&O Ventura in the eye of the storm is the best way to speak about my gig as I traveled across the globe as a motivational speaker. I have had the privilege of speaking to diverse audiences around the world, but my recent experience on the P&O ship venture was truly one for the books. The trip was meant to be a relaxing journey from La Corona in Spain to Bermuda, but Mother Nature had other plans in store for us.

The ship was hit by a violent storm that caused a detour, resulting in a 4-day extension to the Bahamas island of Freeport. As a result, we ended up spending a total of 9 rough days at sea. The journey was full of ups and downs, but it was an incredible opportunity for me to connect with the passengers and share my motivational message.

Despite the challenging conditions, I was able to deliver three talks to an enthusiastic audience, with a full house each time. The response was overwhelming, and I became the talk of the ship. The passengers were eager to share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences with me, and it was truly humbling to see the impact that my words had on them.

Working at sea presented a few challenges, but with the help of the ship’s crew, I was able to overcome them. The P&O team was incredibly supportive, ensuring that everything ran smoothly, and I was able to focus on delivering my message to the passengers.

What made this trip extra special was the amazing acts that were on board. From musicians to magicians, comedians, and singers, they all supported me during my first time on a cruise. They guided me, showed me the ropes, and within the week, they became like an extended family.

The journey may not have gone according to plan, but it was a valuable lesson in resilience, adaptability, and the power of human connection. Despite the rough seas, we came together, supported each other, and created unforgettable memories.

As a motivational speaker, I strive to inspire and empower people to overcome their challenges and achieve their dreams. This experience has shown me that no matter where we are in the world, we are all connected by our shared experiences and the power of the human spirit.

Meet the other members of the gang

Josh AdamsJosh Adams is a brilliant soul and Motown vocalist and comedian from Lancashire, UK, who has been performing professionally since age 15. He is a sought-after wedding singer, corporate entertainer, session musician, and jingle writer, and has performed in venues across the UK and Europe, including a full production show in Monte Carlo and a tour of America with the Coasters. His solo career began in 2002, and he has since released two albums and recorded a single with Lauren Waterworth. He is a regular pre-match entertainer and is also now traveling the world to perform on cruise ships, as well as in clubs, hotels, restaurants, and more.

Lloyd DaviesLloyd Davies is a popular and versatile comedian and performer who has enjoyed a successful and diverse career, having won the Grand Final of Opportunity Knocks at the London Palladium, toured America three times and performing his one man standup show throughout Europe and Asia, supported the late Gene Pitney on a UK national theatre tour and worked extensively in the cruise industry traveling the world. He is also a talented comedy writer, pianist and singer, incorporating witty, self-penned songs into his act.

Sammy LomaxSammy Lomax is a professional and talented singer with years of experience performing at 5-star hotels, holiday resorts, and globe-trotting around the world on cruise ships. She has a large repertoire of songs from the 60s to the present day, with a tribute to Dusty Springfield and Paloma Faith with the skill to tailor her approach to each audience and venue. With her impressive vocals and upbeat personality, Sammy is sure to put on an unforgettable show that will have the audience up and dancing all night. For me, Sammy also has the talent to create a very pleasant experience all round.

Phil HitchcockPhil Hitchcock has established himself as a world-renowned illusionist, with years of experience in performing and building his own illusions. He is in high demand around the world, particularly for the launches and maiden voyages of cruise ships, where he uses his original and mind-blowing illusions to thrill and amaze audiences. Phil has won multiple awards for his performances and brings his expertise to stage to create unique and captivating moments that will grip your attention and leave you wondering how he does it.

Liss JonesLiss Jones is an inspiring performer who has been performing since the age of two. She has appeared on TV, performed at Wembley Stadium, modelled for Julien Macdonald, and toured her around the UK. Further success came in the form of an award-winning movie deal in the US, and she has since performed in the Middle East, Turkey, Crete, Cyprus, and the Caribbean. Liss is determined to make a difference through her music and acting, making her a truly unique and inspiring performer.

Sharon Lopez and Mate Racz of duo Esencias is an incredible show that seamlessly combines traditional and classical Spanish, Hungarian, and folklore music with flamencofusion. Sharon Lopez is an authentic Spanishflamenco dancer who brings passion and energy to the performance, while Mate Racz is a classical/electric violinist. Together, they create a captivating show that is sure to leave the audience wanting more. Audience participation is also encouraged, and Sharon and Mate‘s incredible skill and chemistry on stage will bring you an unforgettable concert experience. With its gypsy flavour, Duo Esencias will bring a unique and vibrant atmosphere to any event.

Gary Italiaander is an internationally renowned portrait specialist, videographer, educator, musician, author and guest speaker. He has studied at the London College of Music and the University of Reading, and previously ran the Italiaander Portrait Studio in Harrods. He has been involved with many photographic organisations in the UK and holds an honorary membership of the Master Photographers Association for his work raising funds for charities. He continues to work with a variety of charities today.

Jamie McAnsh

Jamie McAnsh

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