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Charles Holland Award Winner

What is the Charles Holland Award

The Charles Holland Award is a side arm award sponsored by ampliphon. The aim is to recognise individuals who have stood out and shown bravery in the face of diversity.

A little Insight

Jamie McAnsh loves working with, and inspiring young people. He has achieved a great deal in his life. His aim has always been to show the world that life is more than a physical approach but also a mindset. When Jamie first fell ill, back in 2014 he could never have dreamed where his path would lead him. 

In 2015 after he set his Challenge 2015 goals, Jamie formed a love for showing others what is possible, showing young people that when you look outside the box there is a world of opportunities available to you.

Jamie also enjoyed making use of his challenges. Along with his following team he managed to raise awareness for his condition and a staggering £250,000 for a range of local charities.

This got Jamie a nomination for the prestigious Charles Holland Award. Although all the way through the process Jamie remained humble by the fact that he would not win but would appreciate the recognition for his efforts and use the opportunity to raise awareness for CRPS.

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And the winner is.....

When the videos and nominations where read out Jamie still sat humbled by his surroundings and appreciative of  being where he was that day. However the shock when Simon Weston called out his name as the winner was very real. Lost for words at the time Jamie pledged that he would continue to do whatever he could to show young people that when you fall, Always GET BACK UP!

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Sportsman And Role Model

Jamie's Sporting Story

Jamie struggled a lot in the early days with his condition and how it effected his daily life. Jamie had described himself as a burden on his family, Society and most of all his wife at the time. After a incidence of bladder control Jamie attempted his own life.  

This was the beginning of a turn in Jamie’s life that actually ended being the wake up call he needed. Laying in hospital after a very close encounter Jamie had time to reflect. A friend visited him in hospital and Jamie openly explains in his talks that he done something that day he had never done before. 

He opened up about his feelings. He cried and talked, told someone how his condition made him feel and how he felt to others around him. Jamie’s friend simply replied with and invite to come and play Basketball. 

There it was the life changing move. By end of March 2014 Jamie was playing Wheelchair Basketball for Cardiff team. Cardiff Celts, Now Cardiff Archers. By the August Jamie was signed to play Wheelchair Rugby for Wales. 

Jamie was on top form. Soon he got his bug back for the hills and set about building a wheelchair to take on the mountains. Sugarloaf, Pen Y Fan what ever he could do. 

Then Jamie found Hand-cycling. A Marathon, Carten100. Jamie was trying anything he could. 

Jamie then found wheelchair Squash and has even progressed way beyond expectations. 

Where is he now?

Jamie has now retired from Welsh rugby to concentrate on other sports such as Wheelchair Basketball where he still plays for Cardiff Met Archers in the 2nd division of the national league.

Jamie has hung up his Hand-cycle for the time being but his intention is to attempt the Carten100 once again only this time on two wheels so keep an eye on this space.

Jamie has taken squash to new levels, starting in a wheelchair Jamie then started to play on crutches as his balance was improving, as always for Jamie that was simply not enough and he has gone onto compete in the Welsh Open Master in December 2018, the Slovenian open masters in April 2019. Jamie is back on home ground again in December 2019 playing once again in the Welsh open Masters. 

Jamie still stands as the only registered player with a lower limb impertinent.  

And the mountains?

Jamie’s love has always been in the hills. Sugarloaf, Pen y Fan, Snowdon and Ben Nevis. Just to mention a few. Jamie has in turn attempted as many as he can, he has failed some and achieved others. He respects the mountain and knows that it will always be there another day. 

Jamie’s biggest challenge will take place May 2020, Jamie will be leaving the UK to embark on the Mount Everest Base Camp along with Evertrek to raise awareness for CRPS and Burning Nights support charity.

Jamie has always been honest with himself whenever he attempts anything. There are two chances. Failure is always an option but not trying is simply not acceptable. 

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The Thick Kid

Jamie and school

Jamie’s Maths teacher once told him the only numbers he would make up was the numbers on the dole que. Of course times were very different back then but it is safe to say that maths was not Jamie’s strong point. Infact niether was english. He was once told he had no concept of the English language. 

Jamie now understand he actually has dyscalculia and dyslexia. This has never bothered him and he has always found ways around his issues. 

Joined the army with a strong career path, came out worked high level security, close protection and even worked in a bank for a while. Jamie’s true calling has always been entrepreneurship. Running a pet and garden centre for a few years before heading back into security. 

After Jamie fell ill he had to change his path dramatically. Changing a great job selling motorbike and heading into a call centre Jamie started to blog about his journey. This is now soon to be published in his new book and after the Charles Holland award Jamie launched a career in motivational speaking.  

As he always says, Not bad for a thick kid. 

Jamie runs two other companies as well as motivational speaking See No Bounds and The Squash Pod. Jamie is also very proud of his role as a business role model as part of Big Ideas Wales working  with young people who are looking to set themselves up in the world of business. 

Jamie was often bullied in his school years for being considered not very bright. A simple point of note, the school bully may have thier time in school but often the tables are turned once you leave that enviroment. They have had thier time, now it is your turn to shine. And shine you will.

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Climb to Everest

Support Jamie on his climb to Mount Everest

The challenge of Mount Everest base camp is going to be a real test on Jamie’s mental and physical state. Completing the full walk on Crutches the challenge will be a test of upper body endurance. Once completed Jamie will join a very short list of disabled climbers to reach Base Camp and as far as we can tell he will be the first CRPS Sufferer ever to achieve this amazing feat.

The reality behind the dream

For Jamie Everest is a dream, Base Camp is a childhood ambition and now with your help he has the chance to achieve something that 5 years ago was thought of as impossible.

Jamie was once asked by a physio during his journey to learn how to walk. “What is your ultimate goal? Jamie replied “Base Camp Mount Everest” Facing continual pain and spasms Jamie’s journey was not easy. At 33 years old and having to learn the basics of balance and movement he put in everything he had.

For hours he would stand next to a wall and move one side step at a time. Determination was his driving force and 5 years on he has travelled along way.

Far from better

Still very much a wheelchair user. Jamie can walk with the use of Smartcrutches. Jamie knows that he can complete this challenge, but he cant do it alone. He needs your help. Kit, travel, food and expenses Jamie needs to raise £6000. This will cover the costs for himself and his partner and carer Charlott to reach Base Camp and back home safe.

As well as personal sponsorship. Jamie and Charlott are looking for company funding to help not only fund the excursion, but also raise awareness for a condition that leaves the sufferer in continual pain with very little relief. Most people have never even heard of CRPS but for Jamie it is very real and Charlott supports him every step of the way.

So please help in any way you can! Visit Jamie’s website at or find him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We appreciate your support and any assistance you can offer.