Charles Holland Award Winner

The Charles Holland Award is a side arm award sponsored by ampliphon. The aim is to recognise individuals who have stood out and shown bravery in the face of diversity.

Sportsman And Role Model

By end of March 2014 Jamie was playing Wheelchair Basketball for Cardiff team. Cardiff Celts, Now Cardiff Archers. By the August Jamie was signed to play Wheelchair Rugby for Wales. 

The Thick Kid

Jamie’s Maths teacher once told him the only numbers he would make up was the numbers on the dole Que. It is safe to say that maths was not Jamie’s strong point. In fact neither was English. He was once told he had no concept of the English language

Climb to Everest

The challenge of Mount Everest base camp is going to be a real test on Jamie’s mental and physical state. Completing the full walk on Crutches the challenge will be a test of upper body endurance.

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